Wednesday, February 23, 2011

183:we went to check oout some new skate spot
we almost made this spot but not today.....

look at this heaven!!!!
this place was amazing!!!
but got kicked out...

went to another school
they just built some new cool stuff

no worry i see u tony

cool gap right?
not for me tho
yup ledge heaven

perfect 13?or 14
saw car accident right front of us
actually it was first time to see car accident right front of me
these guys were for sure bummed....
went to school
but got kicked out from same cop!!!!!
lil dinner time wit crew at toddy g!!!

light up this spot micky got some clip!!
havent seen this guys since i was in vancouver!
this guy always kills it!!!
yup for sure some skater got bored n did this at this spot haha

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