Friday, April 15, 2011

200:well after BBQ at stoner...
left my camera bag with everything in it at stoner..
was almost on free way at entrance
waiting light right before get on..
felt i forgot something....yup camera bag...
let jordy drive my car meet up at stoner
n i straight skate back to stoner fastest i could..
its gone my phone was dead,
jordys phone was dead too...
luckily my friend john was still chilling there
n jordys phone was barely alive
get jordys homies number who was chilling wit us,
called him from johns phone
n.........yeah he had it..........
i was bout to cry all day everyday like a baby
well so went pick up my camera n saw these amazing dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!
had to take photos of them......they were soooooo sickk!!!!!!!

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