Tuesday, March 15, 2011

189:guess all u guys know about japan....i wish
well so im trying to do my best i can do for them
my family is okay but look these photos

n im sure u can see all those videos on CNN or youtube

guess just started...
alot thing was on fire...
people r on the line to get water n foods n stuff
they got radiation problem too...
all the building r done i think....
even this big ass boat is just chilling middle of city...
people r staying in school...

im not out there so i cant really say what exactly going down there...
but Absolutely they r hurting and
honestly it really hurting me...
so now im trying to work on anything i can do n asking everyone
whos down to help my county
if i bothering u im really sorry
but this thing is way too big to take care by myself
really need everyones help
i know economy is really fucked up
everyones living own life
life is hard....
but could u please help us?
doesnt matter how u would like to do.
even a cent donation.
i will say THANK YOU SO MUCH
no matter where we at we used to be together
we r all family.
so please.....
if u have any opinion or anything
hit me up

or i just made a new e-mail address for this



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